Renwood Farms started their seed business in 1937. David, John
and Jeff Hula, third generation producers, continue the long tradition of providing high-quality cereal and soybean seed to the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern farming communities.  
        Renwood Farms produces USG wheat and soybean seed, public wheat, oats and barley varieties, as well as Renwood proprietary wheat seed varieties, seed treatments and inoculants.  Renwood Farms is a certified DeKalb corn hybrid and Asgrow soybean seed retailer. Renwood Farms focuses on three main components of seed:

•    Genetics – Seed genetics must be properly matched with growers’ on-farm production goals.  Varieties are selected based on their performance in the markets we serve.  Dozens of varieties are tested each year to continuously improve the genetics available to our farmers.  Varieties are placed in University Variety Trials to demonstrate Renwood Farms’ commitment to higher yields and profits.

•    Seed Quality - Seed must be disease free (fungi, bacteria, viruses) in order to ensure outstanding plant health. Seed production is monitored with field scouting by an independent agronomist.  After harvest, soybean seed is tested for accelerated aging (vigor) germination and samples are submitted to the Iowa State University Seed Health Lab to ensure the seed is disease-free.  Cereal seed is checked for Thousand Kernel Weights (TKW) to ensure solid seed health for vigorous emergence.

•    Seed Treatments – Seed treatments provide protection against seedling diseases and insects. Root stimulants and micronutrient treatments are available and have provided yield increases in crop production while lowering grower costs.  Renwood Farms provides unique seed treatments that are designed to address specific disease problems in our markets and are sold under the RenPro (soybeans) and VIZOR (cereals) trade names.  Renwood seed is coated with a polymer to ensure the treatments do not rub off and cause planting problems.

       Renwood Farms seed is marketed through, an independent agronomic consulting company, in order to fully understand the grower’s needs and goals.  This assures varieties, hybrids and seed treatments are properly matched with soil types, planting dates, growing conditions and other constraints present in 
crop production.  
        After a grower purchases Renwood Farms seed, is available to provide agronomic solutions to production challenges as well as provide agronomic services such as fertility recommendations, irrigation scheduling, field inspections, plant tissue sampling, Nutrient Management Plans, weed and pest control options and disease sampling.       


The Renwood Story

JAN 2021