2017 /2018 Wheat Varieties & Description
Listed in Order of Planting

· USG 3316: Full beard with true resistance to scab: highly resistant to leaf and head septoria, moderately resistant to soil-born viruses (heavier soils). Excellent tillering for geese-damage control. 

· USG 3833: Very vigorous tillering wheat with outstanding 
stripe rust resistance. Moderate tolerance to scab with very good test weight and superior resistance to soil-borne virus makes this a good choice for heavier soils. Smooth head.

· USG 3197:A stout wheat variety with consistent yields and good test weight: true resistance to scab and highly resistant to leaf and head septoria. 

· USG 3404: Powerful wheat with high yields, very good test 
weight and an outstanding disease package. Top yield in 2014 and 
2015 VA Tech wheat variety trials.

- USG 3228: (NEW!) An early maturing variety with 
true resistance to scab: superior disease package and smooth and very showy head. Must be managed intensely to produce.

· USG 3895:   Introduced to compliment USG 3404: selected for lighter peanut, cotton and tobacco soils due to deep rooting. Above average resistance to head septoria plus leaf and stripe rust.

· USG 3523: First late planting/early-heading wheat released in a long time. Superb disease package with outstanding yields. Top overall yield in VA Tech state wheat trials with 3404.

Planting Window for Renwood Wheat Varieties    

Group 1:         USG 3316     USG 3833      USG 3197
(earliest planting) 

Group 2 & 3:   USG 3404    USG 3895      USG 3228 (NEW!)
(middle planting)

Group 4:         USG 3523  
(last planting)