2018 /2019 Wheat Varieties & Description
Listed in Order of Planting

·USG 3536: (NEW)  Strong yield performance over the entire  
Mid- Atlantic area. Full bearded variety with excellent test weight. Above average disease package: moderately resistant to soil-bourne viruses (good for heavier soils). Moderately tolerant to scab: taller wheat if straw production is important.

· USG 3895: Short stature variety producing very high yields if managed; excellent test weight. Selected for planting on lighter soil types due to deep rooting. Above average resistance to glume blotch plus leaf and stripe rust. Moderately tolerant to scab. 

· USG 3404: Powerful wheat with high yields, very good test 
weight and an outstanding disease package. Top yield in 
VA Tech and NCSU wheat official variety trials (OVT). This is the most versatile and widely adapted USG wheat variety available. Average tolerance to scab.

- USG 3228: Very high yields in all locations North of the James River (PA,MD,DE and VA).  An early maturing variety with 
true resistance to scab: superior disease package with a very showy, smooth head. This is an early-maturing variety, so this variety needs to be harvested first. Plant thicker to produce higher yields.

· USG 3329: (NEW)  Great test weight with above average scab tolerance. It produces very high yields averaging 93.6 bu/acre in NCSU 2018 OVT trials. This bearded variety has above average stripe rust resistance which makes it a good choice for south of the James River and NC wheat production.

·USG 3118: (NEW) Excellent test weight in this late planted, early-harvest variety. Averaged 95.7 bu/acre in 2018 NCSU OVT trials. This is a short-stature variety with a tip beard and a very aggressive tillering characteristic: very good resistance to stripe and leaf rust, powdery mildew and Septoria leaf blotch. Average tolerance to scab. Good winter hardiness.

Planting Window for Renwood Wheat Varieties    

Group 1:         USG 3536 (NEW!)                USG 3895      
(earliest planting) 

Group 2 & 3:   USG 3404      USG 3228      USG 3329 (NEW!)
(middle planting)

Group 4:         USG 3118 (NEW!)  
(last planting)